Author Jeanette Beagley-Koolhaas


Prayers of condolences to Thomas Dykstra and family on the death of Lois. Tom and Lois live in Grand Rapids and were former members of Third Reformed Church.


Pray for the following: Eleanor McMullen who is healing from a concussion. Healing for Del Van Dyke after surgery. Steve Stam after surgery.

Leal Family

Pray for the Leal family, who are dealing with COVID and other health concerns.


Pray for Trudy Smith and her family on the death of her husband Gordon. Funeral services will be at Langeland funeral home on November 23.


Please pray for Jennifer Kroll  who had surgery on November 11 at the Meijer Heart Center in Grand Rapids for removal of a mass from her chest cavity. Surgery was successful and the mass was benign.  


Prayers of condolences for the family of Tony Muiderman who died this week in Oregon. Tony and his wife, Ellie are former members of Third Reformed Church.  


Wayne and Miho Jansen, Rowland Jr. and Jane Van Es, Victor Kanyi, Linn G, John and Lynn Hubers, Cheryl Barnes, Ministry with Japanese of West Michigan, Lubna Younas, Albino and Sandy Rodriquez, Jaime and Martha Amaro.

Ongoing prayers

Continue to pray for: Arlene Barton, Martha Beld, P.J. Booi, Sharon Bos, Bill and Julie Charlton, Dennis DeWitt , Margaret Doorenbos, Gene and Mary Heideman, Lois Jalving,  Barb Piaget, Barb Mummert, Donna Prins, Carol Seidelman, Gordon and Trudy Smith, and… Continue Reading →

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